Thanks for your interest in Local Care Force. Before we can move forward with your application, we will need a bit of information about you. Please note, we require a minimum of 6 months relevant care-based experience, with no exceptions. 
(sorry, we just don’t want to waste your time).

Please watch the below video, which explains the application process and what we need from you. Once you’ve watched this, please follow the links provided and complete the forms.


The buttons below lead to two different forms, which we’ll need you to complete before we can arrange your video appointment. So please click on each link and complete the forms in full.

This form requires your contact information and details about your employment, education and work history. Please complete in as much detail as you can, as this will save time later on.
This form requires information about your health history including details relating to immunisations.

As soon as we have your information, your Relationship Manager will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to chat!