With great sadness…


It is with great sadness that last week we lost one of the most courageous, selfless and vibrant nurses, Khulisani “Khuli” Nkala, to Covid-19… I personally have worked with Khuli … Read More

Lockdown Life Survey


How your life has changed since the lockdown? Our survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete but will provide invaluable insights into lockdown life in the UK. This will help us … Read More

Lockdown Life Goals


In the three weeks since the country was put on lockdown, life as we know it has been placed on pause. But as we settle into the ‘new normal’ (and … Read More

A Lockdown Easter


As we await the expected Coronavirus peak, signalling even tougher times for those on the frontline, maintaining a small sense of normality may help to shift the focus for those … Read More

Harmony at Home

LCF harmony

As we reach the second week of lockdown and the cases of Covid-19 continue to rise, claustrophobia for many will be setting in.  Whilst it’s difficult not to think about … Read More

Frontline and Fighting


At this time of uncertainty, when the whole world is dealing with the unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak, our hospitals are busier than ever. But community healthcare is also pushed to its limits, … Read More

Rising Stress and How We Can Help


  Knowing where we can go for help dealing with stress is so important, and as a company Local Care Force supports the Time to Change movement with our “Address … Read More