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0hL7tr9p7glgCLkzEnEejKdWTOlWhzxPhSsk53u0We are prioritising mental health in the workplace, with the launch of our  “Address your Stress” initiative – to help our staff maintain their wellbeing.


The mental health, first-aid training adds to the existing support and well-being programmes we have in place for our staff and focuses on how to support your colleagues and spot signs of stress. Self-help provisions will also be covered, enabling sufferers to recognise the signs in themselves. We will then show staff how to manage and reduce stress, based on the mental health foundations guide.

A key feature of the initiative is the introduction of a designated Mental Health Nurse Lead, to provide support and signposting for all staff, as well as a ‘buddy’ and mentoring system – to ensure there is always someone to talk to.

We will also promote exercise and healthy eating, including free fruit and free personal training sessions, to support the physical and mental health of our team.

“Understanding what causes us stress and taking action to manage our stress levels is a key part of looking after our wellbeing. 1 in 3 people experience difficulties with their mental health wellbeing and 95% of stress related sickness is reported as a different reason by staff, mainly due to the stigma, so we are going to work on ensuring this isn’t the case here.” – Adam, Head of Nursing


We’re also submitting an action plan and employee pledge to ‘Time to change’ (the growing social movement run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness). This supports people opening-up about their mental health problems.

“Making it okay to talk about mental health (and knowing that you can open up about it) is really important. It’s vital that employers take responsibility for their staff and start creating more mentally healthy workplaces.” – Clinical Lead Nurse, Amelia


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