A Lockdown Easter

In home by Local Care Force

As we await the expected Coronavirus peak, signalling even tougher times for those on the frontline, maintaining a small sense of normality may help to shift the focus for those who are lucky enough to be at home this Easter Weekend. Whilst it will be very different this year, for everyone, there are still plenty of ways to mark the holiday…


Easter Service

For many Easter isn’t Easter without a visit to church, but with many services moving online, this is one tradition that you won’t need to miss out on this year.

Delightful Decorations

Create an Easter Hunt in your street and decorate with a difference this year by adding drawings of the Easter Bunny or Easter Eggs to your windows for neighbours to find on their walks. It will certainly add a smile to a daily stroll.

Get Crafty and Competitive!

Easter is the perfect time to get crafty and to have some family fun in the process – there’s plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and so dig through the recycling and get cracking!  Or why not have a family egg decorating competition, you could even theme it!

Family Feasting

Sunday lunch over video chat with extended family and friends is sure to brighten the day. Just because you’re in different houses, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Easter Feast together.

Easter Hunt

You may not be able to head out to an organised hunt this year but there is nothing stopping you from creating one at home around the house and garden.