Address Your Stress for World Mental Health Day 2019

In home by Local Care Force

Address Your Stress Workshop “COMING SOON”

Specifically developed by mental health professionals and training experts our principle purpose is to create a supportive workplace culture, free from the stigma often associated with mental health conditions. By establishing the use of a Signposting framework and practical knowledge we aim to help colleagues support each other when experiencing life’s stressors. Educating and empowering a team with the tools to recognise, manage and reduce stress can change attitudes and impact lives.


Working conditions and environment can have a huge impact on mental health and, equally, someone’s mental health can have a significant impact to perform well in their job.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 6.8 people are experience mental health problems in the workplace (14.7%).
  • Women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (19.8% vs 10.9%).
  • Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.
  • Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year.
  • We were inspired to create this initiative as providers of care and realised that to effectively support our staff to care for others we needed to take care of our own mental health.

Parity of esteem played a major part of the evolution of the project, the need to value mental health equally with physical health is still underestimated and equal efforts need to be made to ensure mental health has equal status.

We intend to normalise the conversation about mental health in the workplace!

The Project has won many awards and been named as a finalist in even more including The Nursing Times Workforce Awards – Best Diversity and Inclusion Project 2018 & 2019, The Nursing Time Workforce Awards – Best Wellbeing and Staff Engagement Initiative 2018 & 2019, The HSJ Awards – Creating a Positive Staff Culture 2018, The Great British Care Awards and The Care Innovator Awards 2019.


Mental health is thankfully becoming more openly discussed, at home and at work. Recently, Public Health England and the NHS have joined forces to launch Every Mind Matters to help people take simple steps to look after their mental health, improve their mental wellbeing and support others – launched recently with this star-studded campaign:

The new platform enables people to create a personalised action plan recommending a set of self-care actions to deal with stress, boost mood, improve sleep and feel in control – something which our Address Your Stress workshops also encourage and support.

Address Your Stress

Some of the Local Care Force team completing the Address Your Stress workshop