Compulsory Vaccination Legislation

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Care homes are facing losing up to 70,000 staff due to the compulsory vaccine legislation. It comes into effect on the 11th November 2021, with an estimated bill of £2,500 to replace each worker – a one-off cost of £100 million.

Throughout the pandemic 60% of care homes have already reported seeing an increase in staff departures, with 40% of those staff leaving to work in other sectors. This will have a significant impact on our already stretched social care services…

To combat this, Local Care Force has ensured significant numbers of our regular Nurses, Support and Health Care Workers are fully vaccinated before November.

This will ensure there isn’t any disruption to the clients we supply workers to and we will be able to continue to provide the continuity of care which is paramount to our values as a company.

Our current levels of regular worker vaccination are:

100% of our regular Nurses have had their 1st dose and 71% have had their 2nd dose
94% of our regular Health Care Workers have had the first dose and 68% have had their second dose
99% of our regular Support Workers have had their first dose and 53% have had their second dose
We have also created new policies and procedures including our recruitment processes to ensure we will be able to comply with the new legislation and ensure that the homes we supply workers to are safe in the knowledge that we are only supplying vaccinated workers.