House of Lords Honour for Covid Heroes

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We’ve been honoured after attending an exclusive and prestigious afternoon tea, hosted by Lord Palmer of Childs Hill OBE, at The House of Lords. The event was held to champion and shine the spotlight on the fantastic frontline staff and social care leaders for their heroic moments throughout the pandemic.

The VIP event was supported by the CareTech Charitable Foundation and took place on the NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers Day. As the head of Local Care Force’s COVID19 task force, Senior Regional Lead Clinical Nurse, Amelia Greenwood, worked tirelessly to ensure that all Governmental guidelines, policies and procedures were up to date, communicating any changes or developments, to all of the agency’s office staff, nurses and health care workers.

She managed testing, social isolation when required, as well as the vaccination rollout to ensure that all the agency’s workers, their colleagues and the people they care for were kept as safe as possible during the pandemic.

Amelia supports the agency’s workers and was instrumental in creating the businesses award winning Address Your Stress’ and Agency Workers ‘Protect Yourselves Protect Your Patients’ projects to improve wellbeing for her team and service users, and because of this, collected the ‘Frontline Leader’ Award at the 2019 Great British Care Awards (GBCA).

On being recognised and invited to the event, Amelia said, “I am really humbled to have been invited and included. It was a privilege to be among such great company and an honour to be there on behalf of Local Care Force. As we well know, working through those early days of the pandemic were especially challenging and unprecedented times. It was vital that we not only provided the best level of care for our service users, but we also had to make sure that those delivering the care were well looked after, both physically and mentally, and supported too.”

“The time of the pandemic will long be remembered for the terrible loss of life, liberty and livelihood. It has been a dark, dark time and yet, throughout the darkness there have been so very many beacons of light across the country.

We’re calling these beacons of light Social Care Covid Heroes because that is exactly what they have proven themselves to be, and we are therefore especially proud to showcase them with this special category in the Great British Care Awards.

Of course, many of us already know that Social Care has always been full of unsung heroes – vast numbers of men and women in every setting quietly going about the business of caring and transforming lives. But it has taken the pandemic to reveal to a fearful public the full extent of these people’s astonishing and frankly humbling commitment and dedication to those within their care.
We are delighted to have honoured just some of these heroes at our event at The House of Lords.”

Lisa Carr, Editor of Care Talk and organisers of the Great British Care Awards