Lockdown Life Goals

In home by Local Care Force

In the three weeks since the country was put on lockdown, life as we know it has been placed on pause. But as we settle into the ‘new normal’ (and face the fact that lockdown is set to continue) we could all consider using this time to reflect and re-set, change some old habits and and create some new ones…

This kind of goal setting has many benefits… It can help overcome loneliness, counteract restlessness and help us generally feel more fulfilled. So, what do you want to achieve during and beyond lockdown?

Increased Fitness

Always wanted to run 5k, 10k or even a half marathon? Well you could set yourself realistic goals and push yourself a little more every day. Prefer to row or ride? Set yourself a distance goal and use this to keep yourself motivated over time. Any increase in activity, that gets the blood pumping, is a win – not only for now but for the long term too. It is amazing what you can achieve once you set your mind to it!


Social Media Cull

Now is the perfect time to cull your social media… Cut off anyone who makes you feel negative and engage only with those who inspire you, make you happy or who actually mean something to you. We’ve all accepted friend requests from those we hardly know or followed Instagram accounts in the hope of a prize, but who really is worthy of your time? A cathartic cleanse can be good for the soul. Surrounding yourself with positive people and influences, virtually and otherwise, will do wonders for your mental health.

Stay Connected and Reconnect

We truly live in a connected world, so be sure to stay in contact to prevent feelings of isolation. Set time aside, we frequently as you need it, to make those important calls and keep in touch. And whilst you are at it, why not use the time to catch up with old friends? We all have a list of people we wish we spoke to more, so use this time to do just that!

Projects Completed

Whether it’s DIY, an assignment or a series of books you have always wanted to read – now’s the time to make a start. With a little planning, it could be the perfect time to tick off that box!


New Habits

If nothing else, forced isolation has given us all the opportunity to slow down and to break from old habits. It could also be the best time to create new ones…

Always wanted to be someone who started the day with yoga? Now is your chance. Wanted to cook more from scratch? Then relish this extra time in the kitchen! Been promising yourself more early nights and less trash TV? Well then make the change. Think carefully about what you’ve always wanted to do differently, less or more of, and you can make it happen.

Just remember clarity leads to commitment, once you know where you want to go, or what you want to change it will be easier to do so.

For some, achieving goals may be life changing and momentous but for others simply a new routine will provide some feelings of control during these challenging times.

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