What’s your lockdown personality?

In home by Local Care Force

As Lockdown Life takes on a life of its own, with no end in sight, everyone has responded to it differently. Which type of lockdown personality are you? 

The Fitness Fiend 

Your lockdown wardrobe consists entirely of sportswear and you take every opportunity to exercise, charging your Activity Tracker each night and constantly setting yourself new goals. All shoes apart from trainers have been discarded, and you sprint up and down every set of stairs. You’ve tried yoga, Zumba, HIT and Joe Wicks and can’t resist updating your social media daily to boast about how far you have run on Strava! 

The Constant Cleaner

You disinfect every single surface multiple times a day and cries of ‘wash your hands’ can heard ringing through the house. Your paranoia has reached such a high that you constantly smell of bleach and clean all day long, screaming at the postman to leave all letters on the doorstep. 

The Zoom Addict 

From the weekend quiz to daily drinks with friends and family catch ups, not to mention all those extra work ‘meetings’ – your ‘face to face’ interaction has skyrocketed since lockdown, and your schedule and social life has never been so busy! 

Daily Drinker

It is not unusual for you to open a beer with lunch or to frequently wonder what time it is socially acceptable to pour a glass of wine! The sunshine has brought out your inner lush and gin has been part of your essential shopping list for weeks now! 

The Tik Tok-er 

For some, spending time in isolation has caused a newfound or increased interest in social media platforms such as Tik Tok. Family dance routines, parents shaming kids, and one-up-manship amongst friends has become the norm. But please, stop sharing the fruits of your labour! 

The Happy Home Schooler 

Feel like you’ve missed your calling in life? You have taken to home schooling like a duck to water. Your colour coded daily timetable is your pride and joy and you can’t resist updating the class wattsap daily with all the great work your kids have completed.  Your helpful/boastful social media posts have not gone unnoticed!  

Comfort Eater / Feeder 

You wake up thinking about food and you plan your next meal before even finishing your current one. Not to mention trying to feed the household at every available opportunity. Food is on your mind 24/4 and everyone is eating you out of house and home but your kitchen skills have never been used so creatively.

 DIY Demon 

You have fixed and painted everything in sight, pallets are not safe when you’re around and your Pinterest board is overflowing with all the great home improvement ideas you have in mind. 

The Hobbyist 

Whether it’s a freshly launched virtual book club, learning a new language or teaching yourself to macramé, telling the world about your new found life changing hobby has become insufferable! 

Screen Surfer

Your days consist of Netflix marathons binge watching boxsets and watching all your old favourite movies or gaming from dawn until dark, in your pjs whilst eating snacks, all day long! 

So whichever one you are, whatever helps you through the days, keep on – keeping on, stay home and stay safe.