Revalidation, we’ve got you sorted

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We had a fantastic revalidation meeting this morning. Revalidation made much more simple. If you have any doubts or fears about revalidation, just make an appointment with Local Care Force!

Ireen Mumba

Revalidation has a lot of nurses worried but when you work for Local Care Force you have no need to fear!

Our Clinical Lead holds regular sessions to demystify revalidation and helps support our nurses every step of the way.

Here are some recent bits of feedback from very, happy nurses.

Nomsa Masiwa had this to say…


revalidation quote

An then from some others…

Yvonne Richardson

Really found the revalidation session useful. It was really good to discuss it with a small number in the group. Will be doing some work on it at the weekend in preparation for Oct 16.

Grendah Mzizi

Thank you for the powerful revalidation session, my heart is at peace now. Looking forward to more interactions with you. Thanks again.

Bekezela Mkwanazi NdlovuIt

I never realised revalidation would sound so “doable”. Helen sure made the lecture so interesting and applicable. I could actually explain it to my friend afterwards. That’s how well I understood! It was great!


I thank you for all the support. You are doing a fab job!

Paige Armitage

I did the afternoon session. Feeling so much better about revalidation now.